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"The Wellness Tribe" was conceived to bring together members of the corporate health community, stimulate conversation, and facilitate the exchange of ideas around wellness in the workplace.

Power8, a corporate wellness firm co-founded by Disha and Mohit, was fortunate to be of service at this moment, bringing wide-ranging expertise to help deploy programs and content across a wide swath of enterprise clients.

From this vantage point, it became quickly clear that the practice was rapidly evolving, and it would be important to document the current state-of-the-art, track developments, and bring useful insight to zealous and progressive HR practitioners. 

This website is two things.

A way to highlight, recognize, and celebrate the amazing work that HR managers are doing in the area of wellness for their teams.
To serve as a springboard, a source of ideation, and a thought starter for wellness initiatives in corporate India by tracking trends and best practices.
HR loves bonuses, so here’s a third It is ultimately the starting point of a supportive community.

And this is how it came to be: The pandemic was a terrible time, but it had a silver lining. In one collective moment, India awoke to the vital role of fitness and wellness – it was no longer an option to treat it as a luxury. Corporate India quickly rolled out an unprecedented range of wellness initiatives, creating a massive wave of positive effects.

Authors of the Revolution

Mohit Sahni - Founder Power8

Mohit Sahni


With 15 years in corporate & a passion for fitness, Mohit saw the direct impact of well-being on companies. He's now on a mission to guide organisations in promoting employee wellness & creating supportive cultures.

Disha Shah - Power8 Founder

Disha Shah


With 9 years in healthcare & wellness, Disha has designed innovative mental wellness programs for top companies globally. A Harvard & UC Berkeley grad, she's now tackling the global mental health crisis through data science & machine learning at UT Austin.

Vishal Malhotra - Advisor Power8

Vishal Malhotra


Vishal, a 17-year business veteran with a passion for wellness, uses his entrepreneurial spirit and IT expertise to empower companies to prioritise employee well-being. Vishal guides companies in creating supportive cultures by offering customised, data-driven wellness solutions.

Team Members

Senior Account Manager
Veeral is a wellness expert with 3+ years of experience in sales and customer service. As a Senior Account Manager and Clinical and Sports Nutritionist, she helps clients achieve their health goals while building lasting relationships that drive revenue and loyalty.
Senior Account Manager
With 3+ years in sales and account management Payal works as Senior Account Manager and excels at cultivating fruitful client relationships. She has a history of driving revenue growth and securing enduring partnerships.
Operations Manager
Kewal, our expert Operations Manager, is a master of streamlining processes and boosting efficiency, productivity, and profits. With strong problem-solving, decision-making, and project management skills, he easily leads multiple teams and projects.
Product Executive
As a product executive and content writer at wellness tribe, Nitesh seamlessly blends his product knowledge with his writing skills, marketing strategies, and technical experience to create compelling narratives that promote our products and provide real value to our readers.
Product Marketing Executive
A highly skilled Product Intern, Aishwarya is well-versed in product development and management. She is adept at managing multiple projects, and her ability to communicate effectively and work well with others makes her a valuable asset.

So if this resource has been of value to you, we hope you will help spread the power of wellness to your networks because that would help bring more knowledge forward and serve the community better.

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